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Best of Book Bag picture cloud

7 Feb


The Book Bag spring collection Issuu is out now!

3 Feb

A book-like book for the book-like Book Bag…


What’s [the] Issuu?

This blog is now on Issuu!

Haha okok sorry for the oh-too-many “This blog is now on ____!” posts… It’s just darn fun to play with all these cool, new online tools to spice up the blogging experience (and the reading experience too!).

Issuu is a digital publishing website which let you upload and share print materials on the Internet. Embedding books, magazines, or articles on your website/blog gives it a cool, page-flipping effect like so many of the recent e-books on the iPad. It’s also for reading digital publications, like magazines and comics. Something like the Facebook for digital publishing, I guess… I love how all these new tools are based on the freemium model, so that poor guys like me could use them for free and have a cool blog post.


Latest Issuu of the Book Bag lite out now!

Well… meet the Book Bag lite:

As you can see, it’s really a ‘lite’ version of the original Book Bag, with no RFID technology, no unusual ‘floating’ hands to pique public curiosity, no “open book look” to give users the look of carrying around half-pen books as if they were in the midst of reading…

I’m not bitter, I really am not. Hahah.

The main idea is still there – it looks like a book in order to be used like a book, i.e. ‘borrowed’ (users no longer have to borrow the Book Bag lite as part of their loan quota, since there’s no RFID tags) when borrowing other books, ‘returned’ when returning books. So I guess in essence, the Book Bag concept comes down to being a natural part of the reader’s reading experience journey.


What’s next?

So I was wondering how to go on from here, now that this project is coming to a close. After all, this blog really was a project-based account of a design journey, so when the journey ends, what happens next……? I think in the following few posts, I’ll be reviewing the design journey, what were some of the things I enjoyed, what I found challenging, anything worthwhile learnt – stock-take, so to speak.

After all that, what happens depends on how¬†the contest results pan out…. if there are positive results, perhaps this blog will get to live a little longer? Seriously, I’m still not sure about the lifespan of this blog really, and what to do with it…

Any suggestions? ūüėČ


Hi. My name is ___, and I’m a bibliophile.

28 Jan

Mugshots of things brought by attendees at a Bibliophile Anonymous gathering hosted on the Book Bag blog.

Book cookie Book clock by Karlsson Book tissue box by Book USB drive by Genteautoreggente Book case for iPad by Nedrelow Book Bookshelf by Yann Martel and Nick Hornby Book bookend Book case for iPhone Book match box Book Jewellery Box Cabinet Book Box Book cake by skpy Book laptop by Kyle Bean Book laptop case Book necklace Books Coffee Table Book Coasters Book pot by Tokyo Pistol Co., Ltd. Book Seat by Darris Hamroun Taste book by Muji Glow-in-the-dark book Book of lights by Takeshi Ishiguro Book plants by Soo-Yeon Yang Book pillows for workaholics Book Sculpture by Su Blackwell - Alice in Wonderland Book craving by Brian Dettmer Book folding art by Issac Salazar Book as installation art - breathing books by Edith Kollath Book table Book mp3 player by

Nah… it’s just a random collection of book-shaped or book-inspired things seen on the Internet. Sources are linked to the pictures. I think I’m becoming a bibliophile!


The other fashion shoot

18 Jan

The uncut, unabridged, other version is here! The other shots which didn’t make the cut to the main fashion shoot set of pics…


what happens when you get a call while reading? chief photographer droolz poseur poseur zzzz pondering reading seriously haha in the midst of reading? watch thru the hand snooze snorez u taking me yawn secret hiding door behind ready get set it's hard to tell if this isn't a library slurp are you done yet blurring past again awaiting in vintage blurring past in time lapse blurring past on escalator walking, supersampler style another waiting sitting down awaiting at MRT station hmmm


The Book Bag goes live!

18 Jan

An object becomes alive through the warmth of our touch; the moist breath we breathe upon it; the soulful utilitarian/social/physical/emotional meanings we give to it; the day-to-day human-like interactions we have with it…


The fashion shoot for the Book Bag was great fun! First, let’s thank the photographer of the day, my sweetest girl:

Chief Photographer in rare pose


The location

The Food Republic food court at Suntec City, which is designed to the likes of a old 19th Century European library, was the perfect location for the shoot! I’d like to think that if the Book Bag is a spy, it’s secret hideout would be here. Why? Because one is in disguise as a library, another in disguise as a book – the square hole meets square peg situation!

Hahaha :D… ok ok cheesy humour aside (you might find that a lot here on ths blog…pardon the puns), see how the Book Bag comes alive through these ‘everyday’ shots (taken entirely on the iPhone 4 and various camera apps):

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Obviously you won’t be doing what I did for some of the shots (like ‘reading’ the Book Bag… duh!). But fun was the operating word here. And just how often could you have fun with a darn paper bag?! I hope this presents another level of head/heart/gut engagement with you, who might use it one day… and I hope you had as much fun playing with it as I did!


Hot models at my place today.

12 Jan

Hahaha… nope. Sorry to disappoint, but not that kind of hot models. But I’m sure the subject header got your attention! ;P

Cheap tricks aside, here’s a preview of things to come…

Lo - fi home studio shoot!


This blog is now on Flickr.

8 Jan Image inspiration from Flickr. iPhone app-like design by bookbagdesigner. Hand-drawn graphics from The Rapid eLearning Blog.

This blog wants to take over the world, one social media platform at a time!

Vodpod videos no longer available.