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This blog is now on Prezi!

31 Jan

A ‘moving’ story of the Book Bag…

OK I kid. Actually, this cool, zooming Prezi presentation showing the ideation behind the Book Bag had been around since the beginning of this project and blog (see 8 Jan 2011 blog post Brainstorms & Ideation).

But I only just found out how to embed the Prezi presentation into WordPress – thanks to an enlightening post by Panos from wordpress tips blog. So here’s the cool, zooming presentation on how the Book Bag came about, embedded for your viewing ease and pleasure! 😉


Next: meet the Book Bag lite!


This blog is now on Tumblr.

19 Jan

Tumblr is a micro-blogging, social networking platform which is great for sharing random bits of photos, music, videos, quotes, links. It’s a bit like Twitter really, but less text-based. I feel it’s at least a great place to park all those ‘homeless’, random bits and pieces of quotes, pictures and video from the Internet which I had posted across the entire blog.

Check it out! 🙂

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This blog is now on YouTube.

12 Jan

Another social media platform devoured! Yum yum yum munch munch munch…


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