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Hi. My name is ___, and I’m a bibliophile.

28 Jan

Mugshots of things brought by attendees at a Bibliophile Anonymous gathering hosted on the Book Bag blog.

Book cookie Book clock by Karlsson Book tissue box by qrbiz.com Book USB drive by Genteautoreggente Book case for iPad by Nedrelow Book Bookshelf by Yann Martel and Nick Hornby Book bookend Book case for iPhone Book match box Book Jewellery Box Cabinet Book Box Book cake by skpy Book laptop by Kyle Bean Book laptop case Book necklace Books Coffee Table Book Coasters Book pot by Tokyo Pistol Co., Ltd. Book Seat by Darris Hamroun Taste book by Muji Glow-in-the-dark book Book of lights by Takeshi Ishiguro Book plants by Soo-Yeon Yang Book pillows for workaholics Book Sculpture by Su Blackwell - Alice in Wonderland Book craving by Brian Dettmer Book folding art by Issac Salazar Book as installation art - breathing books by Edith Kollath Book table Book mp3 player by usb.brando.com

Nah… it’s just a random collection of book-shaped or book-inspired things seen on the Internet. Sources are linked to the pictures. I think I’m becoming a bibliophile!