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The other fashion shoot

18 Jan

The uncut, unabridged, other version is here! The other shots which didn’t make the cut to the main fashion shoot set of pics…


what happens when you get a call while reading? chief photographer droolz poseur poseur zzzz pondering reading seriously haha in the midst of reading? watch thru the hand snooze snorez u taking me yawn secret hiding door behind ready get set it's hard to tell if this isn't a library slurp are you done yet blurring past again awaiting in vintage blurring past in time lapse blurring past on escalator walking, supersampler style another waiting sitting down awaiting at MRT station hmmm



The Book Bag goes live!

18 Jan

An object becomes alive through the warmth of our touch; the moist breath we breathe upon it; the soulful utilitarian/social/physical/emotional meanings we give to it; the day-to-day human-like interactions we have with it…


The fashion shoot for the Book Bag was great fun! First, let’s thank the photographer of the day, my sweetest girl:

Chief Photographer in rare pose


The location

The Food Republic food court at Suntec City, which is designed to the likes of a old 19th Century European library, was the perfect location for the shoot! I’d like to think that if the Book Bag is a spy, it’s secret hideout would be here. Why? Because one is in disguise as a library, another in disguise as a book – the square hole meets square peg situation!

Hahaha :D… ok ok cheesy humour aside (you might find that a lot here on ths blog…pardon the puns), see how the Book Bag comes alive through these ‘everyday’ shots (taken entirely on the iPhone 4 and various camera apps):

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Obviously you won’t be doing what I did for some of the shots (like ‘reading’ the Book Bag… duh!). But fun was the operating word here. And just how often could you have fun with a darn paper bag?! I hope this presents another level of head/heart/gut engagement with you, who might use it one day… and I hope you had as much fun playing with it as I did!