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The other fashion shoot

18 Jan

The uncut, unabridged, other version is here! The other shots which didn’t make the cut to the main fashion shoot set of pics…


what happens when you get a call while reading? chief photographer droolz poseur poseur zzzz pondering reading seriously haha in the midst of reading? watch thru the hand snooze snorez u taking me yawn secret hiding door behind ready get set it's hard to tell if this isn't a library slurp are you done yet blurring past again awaiting in vintage blurring past in time lapse blurring past on escalator walking, supersampler style another waiting sitting down awaiting at MRT station hmmm



Hot models at my place today.

12 Jan

Hahaha… nope. Sorry to disappoint, but not that kind of hot models. But I’m sure the subject header got your attention! ;P

Cheap tricks aside, here’s a preview of things to come…

Lo - fi home studio shoot!


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8 Jan Image inspiration from Flickr. iPhone app-like design by bookbagdesigner. Hand-drawn graphics from The Rapid eLearning Blog.

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